Mandelo Coin and Currency Co. provides professional numismatic services to collectors, investors, bankers, and dealers throughout the United States and Europe.  We provide appraisal and liquidation services for estates and collections. We are dedicated to providing the most desirable coins to our customers, as well as building long-term relationships in order to expand their collections or investments and capitol. At the age of 6, Jim and his brother Nick, 17 started collecting coins. The year was 1959, the coin collecting hobby was very exuberant. It seemed as if every block in town had a coin collector. Jim and Nick would go to the local bank and search through the rolls of coins. There would be a worn out 1916-D Mercury dime or a 1909-S Lincoln cent found. Silver was in circulation and it was not uncommon to find a key date coin here and there. The next thing was to go over to an old friend's house to see if he would break an uncirculated roll of 1921-D, 33-S, 38-D, or other interesting Walker half roll and trade one for a small group of coins. Of course, we wanted to pick from the roll. That's right - original, brilliant uncirculated rolls of 1921-D, 33-S, 38-D's, just to name a few. Jim and Nick would continue to collect until becoming dealers in 1985. Remembering the ANA shows of Cincinnati and Cleveland, the journey continued until 1988 when Mandelo Music Co. was formed. Along with coins, Jim and Nick were the makers of musical instruments. Today, Mandelo Co. still buys and sells coins. The musical instruments are gone, but the spirit remains. This is our legend, promise, and website. Our brother Nick, passed away on February 13th, 2007. We dedicate this site and the hobby to him. "The coins will always be and the music is still there."

New News - July 6TH 2009 - Mandelo Coin Company Expands To: 2276 E. M-21 Hwy Owosso, MI 48867

Jim Waswick - Senior Numismatist

Brian Polisky - Numismatist

Barney Domby - Numismatist

Renee Waswick - Secretary

We dedicate this expansion to: Felix Schlag 
Birth:  Dec. 4, 1891, Germany 
Death: Mar. 9, 1974
Owosso, MI
Shiawasse County
Michigan, USA

Sculptor, medalist, and the designer of the U.S. Jefferson nickel.

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